West End House Gets a Glimpse of Google

West End House teens met with staff from one of the most influential tech companies today. Google invited 14 of our young people to tour their Cambridge campus and interview their staff last Friday, February 19th. West End House’s Career Development & Employment Specialist Casey Ferrari accompanied the teens.

In preparation for the Google visit, young people at West End House researched the company and proposed three open-ended, career-driven questions to ask employees. After a 45-minute tour of Google’s activity rooms and offices, West End House teens settled in for a Q-and-A session. The panel of five Google employees represented five diverse departments: software engineering; sales; human resources; software development; and Google Travel.

One teen asked each panelist to share how they got the job at Google. “Networking” was the buzzword of the day – every single Google panelist had to network in order to secure an interview at Google. Teens reflected on their visit and the company culture.

“Google cares about their workers,” said Ruby, a West End House Peer Leader, “It made me realize I need to work harder so that I can work in a place like that.”

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