Visual & Performing Arts

West End House offers a full range of visual and performing arts programs taught by professionally trained artists. Sequential learning opportunities help youth develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts and advance toward arts mastery. Partnerships with leading arts organizations – Museum of Fine Arts Community Arts Initiative, Berklee College of Music, Music And Youth Initiative, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company – provide youth with access to opportunities throughout Boston that complement our daily programs.

Visual Arts: Youth gain early exposure to art by working with a wide variety of materials and equipment. For youth interested in progressing beyond beginner level, we offer classes such as ceramics, claymation, and mixed media projects, as well as cross-curricular programs. Members who progress toward mastery create their own portfolios under the guidance and encouragement of staff. As a key component of our programs, we present art exhibits throughout the West End House and the greater Boston community.

Music Clubhouse: We provide instruments and staffing for free music lessons including piano, guitar, drums, voice, and music theory and tailor programs to expose, engage, and progress youth toward mastery. Our recording studio teaches youth the technical aspects of sound mixing and editing, enabling them to produce professional tracks. Throughout the year, youth display their skills in performances throughout the year, both inside and outside the club.

Media Arts: We empower youth at all skill levels to participate in and learn about all phases of filmmaking including pre-production (planning), production (filming), and post-production (editing). Youth voice is an integral part of the film and video program and we encourage members to create self-directed content as a means for self-expression.

Dance: We offer diversified programming focused on a variety of styles that encompasses ballet, contemporary, urban, folklore and Choreography.  In it, youth are able to explore and learn about their creativity through corporal movement and the exposition to the various dance disciplines. As part of the experience, there are opportunities for youth to showcase their work at a variety of events throughout the year. Our program is led by professional dancers that perform with local dance companies and is supported by Lesley College Dance Therapy Interns, thus guaranteeing a nurturing and caring environment conducive to learning and social-emotional development.



more than 500 youth participate in arts programming annually


300+ youth have exhibited their art at the museum of fine arts


2 out of 3 youth progress to a higher level of arts instruction each year