Leadership & Career Development

Our leadership and career development programs help youth develop the initiative and problem solving skills required to become leaders and decision makers. We are one of few organizations focused on year-round employment for teens. A key aspect of our employment programs requires teens to participate in academic and enrichment activities. This ensures all of our teens are balancing their professional responsibilities with their academic priorities. Key initiatives include:

Youth Workforce is a job readiness program that trains young teens (ages 14-15) to develop skills sought by employers—consistency, professionalism, initiative, problem solving, and teamwork. Youth Workforce participants receive a weekly stipend and commit to three hours per week, including workshops on interviewing, public speaking, problem solving; engaging in group projects; and shadowing staff.

Peer Leaders is a youth employment program offering real-world, practical work experience directly in West End House programs each day. Teens undergo a competitive application process for these paid positions and work 8-10 hours per week during the school year and up to 25 hours per week in the summer. The program provides teens with an opportunity to explore their interests, while gaining 21st century skills, and helps them pursue next steps in their academic and career paths. Peer Leaders serve as important role models for younger children at the Club. Apply to become a Peer Leader here.

Brian J. Honan Fellowship empowers Boston’s young people to become engaged in government and politics, with a core component including an internship at government office or community-based organization. Learn more about Brian J. Honan here.



113 teens employed in the peer leader program

25,600 hours worked last year


2,500 hours of career readiness training completed last year