Family Advisory Network (aka F.A.N. Club)

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The mission of the Family Advisory Network (aka F.A.N. club) is to create a family environment, increase family participation led by existing families at the West End House as well as becoming a welcome group to our new member’s and families.

The FAN Club will develop committees to provide advice and handle tasks for meetings, planning and specific projects. We will meet once a month to maintain consistency to check-in with each other, discuss priorities for our youth, our families, and the organization.

Areas that the Family Advisory Network (F.A.N. – Club) will support, cover and/or tackle:

  • Social Justice Issues
  • WEH Program Advising
  • Event Participation & Preparation
  • Volunteering 
  • Parent Social Activities
  • Parent to Parent Support 

We are very excited about getting to know our families on a personal level. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Karla Aguilar through email at, direct office number at 617.870.7519, or by text at 617.440.9100. Or, fill out the form below!