Summer 2018 Reflections

This summer some of our alumni received our competitive Summer Internship Grants. The grants help alumni capitalize on great career-aligned opportunities that are unpaid! Our alumni were able to create some lasting memories while learning and giving back. Check out the photos and reflections below.

Aleynna Quinones – rising sophomore at UMass-Amherst majoring in Architecture – Interned at Maine Media in Rockport, ME

“This summer has been awesome! I was able to get away from the city and meet so many new people in Rockport, Maine. I have experienced so many new things the past 8 weeks through working with young teen photographers and filmmakers. Inside the classrooms and workshop settings, I learned how to handle and develop film. Outside those settings, I learned how to deal with difficult situations involving mental health and behavior management. I also just enjoyed the beautiful scenery! Overall, I was able to provide a welcoming and energetic environment where young teens could truly express their creativity through photography and film. My communication and leadership skills have improved immensely, and I am looking forward to what future jobs this could lead me to (like an RA position at UMass). Also, the creativity and experience in nature has given me a new sense of direction as I think about what I can experience as an architecture major, blending my knack for math and science with my creative nature in design and art.”


Vanesa Guevara – rising senior at Mt. Holyoke College majoring in Latino Students and pursing a Teaching Lincensure – Interned at Border Angels in San Diego, CA

“This summer I was able to participate in many new activities with Border Angels, such as dropping off gallons of water in the desert for migrants crossing this incredibly hot area (120+ degrees at times). After I went on my first Water Drop with a big group, another intern and I led 2 Water Drops on our own. We were also interviewed by different news stations/reporters about our experiences as interns and about some of the programs Border Angels offers. I was also able to walk over to the Border Wall a few times to show groups of kids the border and talk about its symbolism. I also went to events where issues surrounding undocumented immigrants were addressed and discussed in hopes of making more people aware of what is going on with this vulnerable group of people. Additionally, I was able to cross into Tijuana to visit some shelters and drop off donations to them where I met with refugees/deported migrants. I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have this summer experience. I really feel like it changed my life and my way of thinking.”

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