School Is Out, Healthy Living Is In

West End House celebrated school vacation week in style with a Fitness Day on Wednesday, February 22nd. Nearly 100 members participated in a variety of fitness games and activities. West End House staff and a team of New Balance volunteers ran eight different stations that included shuttle runs, yoga, a sit up and push up challenge, agility ladders, a blindfolded free throw competition, and more.

The warm weather allowed for part of the event to be held outdoors. Six year old Josiah said his favorite part of the day was the jump rope station, partly because he got to go outside, but also because it’s his favorite exercise. “I jump rope every day,” he said. “It helps me get stronger.”

“Encouraging healthy lifestyles is a central focus of what we do every day,” said Lisa Ugalde Smith, Senior Director of Fitness and Nutrition. “Days like these help build a culture where our members know that fitness and nutrition are important pieces of West End House. It’s also a really great lesson to show youth that fitness can be fun.”

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