Volunteer With Us!

Through acts of volunteerism, we believe we can build a stronger community and a more just world. The very basic core of that work must be rooted in the belief that we all have a place of value in this community, and that our diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, abilities, and lived experiences enrich our community. An important part of that role is acknowledging and understanding the child’s experience from their unique perspective. A volunteer’s shared racial and cultural background are essential factors to build trust and better advocate for the youth they serve.  

Here at the club, we strongly believe representation matters. Our afterschool community – staff and members, are diverse but our volunteer base is a place where we need to strengthen that representation. We need your help as we recruit passionate and diverse volunteers who have the desire to be that positive adult in our young people’s lives. We recognize the importance of providing them with positive role models who share their backgrounds and cultures, and we are striving to create a diverse pool of volunteers that reflects the members in our community.

If you or your group have any questions on how to get involved, please contact Alexa Urena at 617-870-7498 or alexa.urena@westendhouse.org.