Teens Donate $5,000 to Animal Rescue League of Boston

As part of the Highland Street Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Initiative, West End House teens donated $5,000 to the Animal Rescue League of Boston on Wednesday, June 29th. The Initiative gives youth insight into the importance of nonprofits and philanthropy by entrusting them with $5,000 to donate to the charity of their choice. After researching nonprofits across the... read more »

Youth Make Strides Toward Creative Careers

On Tuesday, June 28th, New Balance’s Global Lifestyle Design team came to West End House to advise 20 of our aspiring artists on how to turn their creativity into careers. The New Balance Global Lifestyle Design team — which included employees from Japan and England — answered West End House youth’s questions about day-to-day responsibilities, career paths, and artistic... read more »

West End House Learns About Germs

On Tuesday, May 23rd, thirteen West End House young people learned about viruses and bacteria on their monthly visit to the Boston University Bioinformatics department. Youth ages 7 through 12 played microorganism-themed bingo and took home stuffed animals shaped like microorganisms such as staff infection, chicken pox, and the common cold.