A place for youth

Located in the Boston neighborhood of Allston, West End House offers many amenities throughout our 46,000 square foot clubhouse. Collectively, these amenities contribute to the vibrant and inclusive environment at West End House, empowering young individuals to learn, grow, and build lasting connections.

Education Center

Our education center provides an array of programs and amenities tailored to support the academic success and personal growth of our youth. From STEM programming and dedicated tutoring spaces to interactive learning resources and mentorship programs, our center offers a dynamic and nurturing environment where every individual can thrive.

Games Room

An engaging recreational space featuring various games, providing a fun and interactive environment for our community.


A fully equipped kitchen dedicated to producing nutritious meals, promoting the health and well-being of our young individuals.


A dedicated court for basketball enthusiasts, offering a space for sportsmanship, teamwork, and skill development.


An inviting pool facility providing a recreational space for fitness and aquatic activities.

Fitness Center

An equipped fitness space with weights, treadmills, and ergometers that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle among the youth.


A spacious venue with seating for 150, serving as a dynamic platform for showcasing talents and fostering a sense of community.


Our Visual Arts Center provides a space for our youth to express themselves artistically through painting, drawing, sculpture, and many other mediums; we also host a space for teens to advance their skills including creating commissioned works of art.

Music Clubhouse

The Music Clubhouse includes a recording studio, independent practice rooms, and a range of high-quality instruments including pianos, guitars, drums, and electronic production equipment for our youth to explore.

College and career center

Specialized areas designed to support and guide youth in their academic and career journeys, fostering a pathway to success.

Teen Lounge

A comfortable and vibrant area tailored for teenagers, encouraging socialization, relaxation, and positive interactions.

Ringer Park

Located in Ringer Park in Allston, West End House enjoys easy access to a vibrant community space. Ringer Park has expansive green spaces, walking trails, playgrounds, and sports facilities, providing our youth with opportunities for outdoor recreation, exploration, and community engagement.