West End House Alumni Spotlight Series – Meet Elfido Galvez

West End House Members, Friends and Family,

Please join us as we shine the spotlight on our talented and remarkable West End House Alumni. Through our Alumni Spotlight series we will be introducing West End House Alumni and the incredible work they are doing in their community and career field. This series will introduce our young people to a wide range of possible career options for them to explore, with the knowledge and guidance from former Club members.

Today you will meet Elfido Galvez a Quality Control Analyst at OpenBiome. He is just one of many amazing West End House Alumni who has carved his own pathways and established himself in his respective career field.

Are you a West End House Alumni willing to share your professional journey? Please contact Alexa Urena at alexa.urena@westendhouse.org. We would love to hear from all of our Alumni and learn about your professional pathways as we strengthen our current College and Career Success program. Help us ensure future West End House generations are prepared to become the future changemakers and leaders they are working hard to become.

Stay tuned for future spotlights.

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