At the West End House, we offer a wide array of programs that serve our community.

Academic Success

We offer dynamic, year-round programs designed to help young people aged 7-18 succeed in elementary school, middle school, high school, and beyond. Through individual and group support (homework help, one-on-one tutoring), timely academic interventions, and partnerships with schools and families, we provide high impact academic support. Key initiatives include Reading Buddies, STEM Programming, College Access and more.

Leadership & Career Development

Our leadership and career development programs help youth develop the initiative and problem solving skills required to become leaders and decision makers. We offer multi-year initiatives, including our year-round Peer Leader program that provides paid employment for teens ages 15-18. Leadership programs create opportunities for young people to serve and give back to their community.

Visual & Performing Arts

We offer a full range of visual and performing arts programs taught by professionally trained artists. Sequential learning opportunities help youth develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts and advance toward arts mastery. Partnerships with leading arts organizations – Museum of Fine Arts Community Arts Initiative, Berklee College of Music, Music & Youth Initiative – provide youth with access to opportunities throughout Boston that complement our daily programs.

Sports & Fitness

West End House has developed a strong culture of sports and fitness programs for our youth and teens. Our programs are designed to improve overall health and foster the development of lifelong, healthy habits. We have developed a comprehensive program in partnership with the New Balance Foundation to combat childhood obesity and promote active lifestyles.

Food & Nutrition

Our Live in Motion Café features scratch-made meals featuring fresh produce, lean proteins, and whole grains. Dinner and snacks are prepared and served every school day while breakfast and lunch are offered during summer and school vacation. We offer culinary classes for young people to learn, prepare, and cook food at home. Our commitment to food security includes our Food for Families program providing bi-weekly groceries to families in partnership with the Greater Boston Food Bank.

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College & Career Pathways

Support that begins early—often in elementary or middle school—sets us apart from other organizations that work with college students. Our approach to College and Career Pathways begins when students first enroll in our programs as a child or teen. Meaningful, longstanding relationships form a foundation of trust that accelerates success at the post-secondary level.

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Our licensed social worker and mental health counselor ensure our programs are grounded in, and promote physical, mental, and emotional safety for youth, families, and staff. Our programs create opportunities for individuals to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment through safe, trusting, and supportive relationships and interventions.

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Alumni are the force behind West End House, and we invite you to stay connected to West End House and continue your lifelong relationship with us. Be a part of a vibrant network of alumni that is involved in a variety of ways, whether it is making small contributions over time, connecting the West End House to people in your network, or volunteering to give back to current members.