On Tuesday, November 26th, West End House welcomed our young people, their families, and our community members for a homemade Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate the unity and impact of the West End House community. Before dinner, youth had the opportunity to give thanks for the past year—expressing gratitude for places, people and times in their lives.

The menu for the evening included roasted turkey with herb gravy; stuffing; mashed potatoes; spiced sweet potatoes; mac & cheese; collard greens with bacon; molasses glazed green beans; apple cider; and buttermilk, pumpkin and apple crumble pie. Yum!

Dinner was prepared from scratch by Senior Director of Fitness and Nutrition Lisa Smith and Kids Café Coordinator Tammie Watson, with support from West End House Peer Leaders, staff and volunteers.

West End House wishes you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!