West End House has a deep commitment to racial equity and justice. The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor and countless other racist acts of violence and aggression that preceded them for centuries have yet again exposed how Black lives matter less than White lives in America.

The accumulation of these incidents is traumatizing for our young people of color. At the West End House we have a responsibility, as supportive and trusted adults, to help our young people share their voices and to reassure them that we will fight loudly for them to guarantee the great futures they deserve. They deserve love. They deserve to be safe. They deserve this not only within the confines of the West End House–but everywhere.

West End House acknowledges that structural racism persists and recognizes the struggle, fear, stress, and frustration that people of color continuously face by racist suppressive and oppressive systems and by individuals that view their Black bodies as threats. Our work will not be done until we can eliminate the racial injustices that persist across our nation.

We stand together, with heavy hearts, in solidarity with our young people and demand justice now. Our young people deserve a better future. We have much work to do on this front, and we call upon all of our supporters to join us in taking action to condemn racism and police brutality, and identify concrete ways that each of us can work to dismantle White supremacy culture.

Our country will be stronger when all voices rise up against racism. Silence is unacceptable. We all must engage in uncomfortable conversations that lead to action and change.

Andrea Howard
CEO, West End House