The weather may be cold and snowy so far this year but 2022 is off to a fiery start at West End House with the many creative and innovative ways our members are using their imaginations and tinkering skills to construct, design and create.

Here are some fun highlights from the month.

With help from Academic Success Coordinator Michelle Zhang and Digital Arts Coordinator Emily Hofelich, two young members in our Education Center hub put together a telescope and then had a blast trying it out. Sadly there were no UFO sightings.

A group of our middle school members spent some time concocting their own recipes for slime and then trying them out. The group enjoyed experimenting with various different methods and materials.

Three members from our Education Center hub assembled pairs of night vision goggles, taking extreme care and attention so as not to lose any of the super tiny screws needed. The young engineers then had fun adventuring in the dark.

Future engineer Joshua in our Education Center hub built a working BeyBlade. Next up he’ll be constructing its launcher! 

Other members are enhancing their computer skills by using Microsoft Word and other software programs, with the assistance of Education Hub staff member Michelle Zhang, to create flyers and posters. Future graphic designer Jaz made a flier for Chess Club sign-ups that he plans to post around his school and Aniyah has been helping make posters about COVID-19 and mask safety, as well as anything else hubs would like to communicate visually to members and staff throughout the building in order to keep everyone safe, kind and respectful. 

We’re so excited to see our members getting creative and trying new things on their own. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!