2021 High School Graduates: We’re so Proud of You!

"Congratulations Graduates" with photo of four gradsThe COVID Pandemic may have changed the high school experience, but our graduating Seniors refused to let that get in the way of their success.

We are incredibly proud of this year’s 40 high school graduates, who persisted through over a year of remote learning, identified and applied for college and technical education programs and continued to achieve and work towards their goals.

2021 High School Graduates & Plans for Next Year

  • Aden Ahmed: Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
  • Handel Altenor: Mass Bay Community College
  • Neveah Campbell: still deciding on a 2-year college
  • Khalil Carnes: Bunker Hill Community College
  • Mabel Castillo: Simmons College
  • Victoria Coll: Bunker Hill Community College 
  • Deamante Crawford: still deciding
  • Laurent Delhomme: Bunker Hill Community College
  • Cesar Escobar: Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • Denise Feliz: Mass Bay Community College
  • Kalise Fitzgerald: still deciding on a 2-year college
  • Neemias Freitas: still deciding
  • Jelani Galvez: Morehouse College
  • Wilventz Georges: Framingham State University
  • ReignYah Grant: North Carolina Central University
  • Angie Hernandez: UMass Boston 
  • Myesha Hughes: St. Leo University
  • Destiny Long: Boston Police Department Cadet Program
  • Emerson Lopez: still deciding 
  • Cristian Martinez:  Mass Bay Community College
  • Thea Mathis: still deciding on a 2-year college
  • Angel Orengo: still deciding
  • Sincere Payne: Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
  • Jason Rankins: still deciding
  • Brayan Reyes-Castro: entering the military, then college
  • Jacob Rivera: Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
  • Shameek Roc: Roxbury Community College
  • Leasly Ruiz: Mass Bay Community College
  • Soradi Santiago: Mass Bay Community College
  • Aleqk Sierra: Norwich College
  • Jonathan Smith, Jr.: Mass Bay Community College
  • Lucas Soares: Mass Bay Community College
  • Edwin Soto: still deciding
  • Johnny Sotomayor: Plumbers Union Apprenticeship Program
  • Eduardo Souza: University of Notre Dame
  • Darriel Torres: Bunker Hill Community College
  • Carlito Velasquez: still deciding
  • Justin Vuelto: still deciding
  • Nathaniel Werthaimer: Bunker Hill Community College
  • George Zabalou: Framingham State University

Graduating Senior Lucas Soares talked about his experiences and goals for the future at our 2021 Graduation celebration. We are so incredibly proud of Lucas and all of our high school graduates for persisting, believing in themselves and achieving this important milestone on the road to success!


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