West End House is excited to launch our Summer 2020 programming with the re-opening of our building to in person programming for our club members. For six weeks, we will offer a mix of in person and virtual programming for young people age 9-19.

A group of 40 teens and another group of 40 youth ages 9-12 attend in person on alternating days, with virtual programs offered on their off-days. We welcomed our 9-12 year olds on Monday and teens on Tuesday. Each day was filled with amazing programs, including bird watching for both age groups, provided by Elevate Youth, delicious and nutritious food, and of course a whole lot of fun!

Our in-person program focuses on academic enrichment, outdoor enjoyment, STEM, career exploration and social and emotional wellness. Most importantly, the program provides an opportunity for our young people to reconnect with friends and with the trusted team at West End House, who care deeply for their well-being.

In our first week, we also held virtual community meetings via Zoom with each age group and gathered everyone together for a virtual assembly on Friday. Be sure to check out westendhouse.org/summer2020 for more information about our virtual teen and youth programs.

We can’t wait to see what our second week and the rest of the summer will bring! We’re excited to have our members safely back at the Club!