Youth Talents Shine at Winter Showcase

Over 200 youth and community members came together at this year’s Winter Showcase to celebrate the result of four months of hard work by our youth. This year’s event, hosted on December 14th by the West End House arts team, focused on bringing together all aspects of art at the Club – music, digital media, dance, theater, step, and visual arts.

Staff, work-studies from Berklee College of Music, and volunteers helped members practice and prepare for the big day. Youth performed original dance and step routines, a theatrical production of The Nutcracker, and a number of musical covers and medleys.

“Winter Showcase is a way for kids to look back on all the work they’ve done over the past few months and see it come together in one night,” said Music Clubhouse Coordinator Nick Tetrault. “Performing is also a great life skill to learn in terms of confidence and being able to present yourself professionally.”

The show was a true culmination of all art disciplines taught at West End House, from the stage backdrop created by members, volunteers, and staff; the films created by youth on display during the preshow; and the performance pieces of 29 members.

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