Where do I vote?

You can vote by mail as long as you requested a mail-in ballot. If you have not already done so, here is the here is the vote-by-mail application.

  • If you prefer to go in person, make sure you are registered at your current address HERE
  • Find your polling place (location where you will vote) HERE  
  • On election day, be sure to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Where do I vote if I have moved? 

You must update your voter registration every time you move. If you have moved, you may update your registration by filling out a new voter registration form.

  • If you move after the deadline to register to vote in a state election or primary, you should wait to update your registration until after the date of the election or primary, and return to vote at your previous polling place in Massachusetts.
  • State law allows you to vote from a previous address in a state election for up to six month after you have moved, as long as you have not registered elsewhere
  • You are also able to vote by mail. If you did not receive an application to vote by mail, here is the application