West End House Hosts Thanksgiving Family Night

On Tuesday November 22nd, West End House welcomed over 350 young people, families, and community members for a homemade Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate the unity and impact of the West End House community. Before dinner, youth had the opportunity to give thanks for the past year—guests shared a wishbone with a partner and made a wish before breaking them apart, inspiring good luck for the upcoming year.

The menu for the evening included turkey with herb gravy; thyme & sage stuffing with cranberries; mashed potatoes with chive; sweet potatoes with chipotle & maple; green bean casserole with crispy shallots; Brussels sprouts with balsamic & bacon; roasted carrots with coriander butter; cranberry chutney with orange & ginger; apple cider; and four kinds of pies—pumpkin, chocolate pecan, buttermilk, and apple crumble.

Dinner was prepared from scratch by Director of Fitness and Nutrition Lisa Smith and Kids in Motion Café Manager Maria Motta, with support from West End House Peer Leaders and volunteers.

West End House wishes you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!

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