A Transformative Vision

We expect tremendous things from our young people, our staff and our supporters. This campaign is about expecting more of the collective community so that we can create greater opportunities for our youth. Our vision is to help thousands of young people from all corners of Boston realize their potential and achieve their life goals. West End House has proven its success and we are ready to scale our impact across our core programs.

Academic & College Success

Our expectation is to influence greater success inside the classroom. We’re increasing participation in our literacy programs, providing more academic support, and improving on-time grade progression. By adding program staff and renovating a full building wing dedicated to teen programming, we will help more youth not just graduate from college but apply their education to fulfilling careers.

Artistic Development

Our immersive, hands-on music and arts programs are vital to helping our youth explore their creative potential. With planned improvements to our arts programs and facilities, we will help more youth gain mastery in both visual and performing arts, and develop a performance space for them to truly shine.

Healthy Habits

We envision all of our youth not just eating healthy and nutritious meals, but receiving the nutritional guidance they need to develop positive eating habits for life. We’re enrolling more youth in fitness programs and increasing their hours of physical activity. With an expanded kitchen and dining area, enhanced fitness facilities and greater activity options, we will help our youth achieve lifelong fitness.

Confidence and Leadership Skills

As one of the largest year-round youth employment programs in Boston, we’re helping our members gain valuable hands-on work experience and develop professional networks. Under the guidance of program staff, our youth will build the leadership skills they need to thrive.

Building a Better Future

Our vision will only be achieved with investments in our programs, our facility, and our capital structure. We will create a physical space on par with the quality of our programming and staff. We will increase our operating and facility reserves to sustain our growth and allow for further program innovation. Together, we will help a greater number of youth realize their full potential.