become a sustainer


Your monthly financial support can feed a family or fuel a young person’s learning. Choose from the programs below or select “Where most needed” to apply your gift where it will make the biggest impact.

College and Career success Program

$100 per Month

Your support will help first-generation college students pursue college and career opportunities. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, West End House met with students on campus helping to assist and empower them to persist through college with all of the supports necessary – financial, work/school balance, social emotional, mental and physical wellness.

Now, we have transitioned our college coaching services to remote sessions via Zoom, FaceTime, text, email, and phone calls, with three full-time coaches who are intensely attuned to our students as they navigate remote learning and all of the pandemic-related challenges amidst campus regulations.

This month

Your generous monthly gift of $100 will deliver college and career coaching services to one college student.



Family Food Program

$75 per Month

Your support is urgently needed during this time of unprecedented food insecurity. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, West End House prepared and served daily healthy meals from scratch. Hundreds of club members enjoyed an after-school snack and had dinner with us each day.

Today, we pack and distribute 22,000 lbs. of groceries each month, providing 1,100 young people and their families with healthy, nutritionally balanced meals.

This month

Your generous monthly gift of $75 will deliver bi-weekly, nutritionally complete meals for a family of four.



Visual and Performing Arts

$50 per Month

We have many talented young artists in our community! Before COVID, our classrooms were stocked with ample materials and supplies.

Now, our visual and performing arts programs are being broadcast across the Club so that all young people can safely participate. Social media-inspired dance challenges, uplifting animations, drawing, music and arts are reaching 90 youth during our after-school enrichment programming.

Now more than ever, our young people need creative outlets to express their feelings and emotions.


Your monthly gift of $50 will include art supplies for up to 10 Club members



STEM Program

$25 per month

West End House supports young people to inspire and prepare them to succeed in 21st century careers.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is a cornerstone of our research-based programs. Younger kids experiment with hands-on challenges while older youth explore computer science and coding. To safely continue this exploration, Club members need access to individual materials and supplies.


Your monthly gift of $25 will purchase STEM supplies to up to four Club members.



Where Most Needed

$____  per month


If you have a different amount in mind, we will apply your financial support where it can make the biggest impact.