Sanofi Genzyme Supports Summer Science Club

For the past three years, Sanofi Genzyme has coordinated a Summer Science Club for our members. The phenomenal volunteers work alongside our enthusiastic youth in our Education Center/mini laboratory to perform scientific experiments. This year our young scientists conducted procedures to observe the effects of density and pressure with various substances. Our youth conducted experiments in the field of chemistry with some edible food science. One of the projects was to create five minute, homemade ice cream with three ingredients and a Ziploc bag full of ice and rock salt. The volunteers and youth also had a ton of fun with soda geysers, studying the effects of combining Mentos and Diet Coke. We also had demonstrations to test how many pennies a homemade, aluminum foil boat can hold and still stay afloat.

Everyone had a great time this summer. We can’t wait for next year and all of the fun (and sometimes messy) experiments we’ll test out firsthand!

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