New Year, New West End House

Thank you for helping make 2017 so memorable at West End House! We look forward to growing with you in the New Year. To celebrate, we highlighted the stories of five West End House people. Read on to learn how your support is propelling our youth to success.


“I’ve experienced so many life-changing moments at West End House over the past 7 years. If you were to ask me how West End House helped me the most, I’d say it provided me with an opportunity to become the person I always wanted to be: a leader who inspires others.

Now on the cusp of graduating from college, I think about the younger members who face challenges in their lives yet have so much potential. I know West End House will be there for them just as they were there for me.

As West End House unveils its new and renovated spaces — College & Career Center, Kitchen and Café, Fitness Center, Arts Wing, and Performing Arts Pavilion –the next generation will have even greater opportunities to learn, create, and lead.”


“I’ve been a Peer Leader at West End House for 2 years. I’ve learned how to communicate with my supervisor and how to be professional in an office. I’m looking forward to growing in my role and taking on more responsibilities.

West End House opened its new College & Career Center in September. I go there almost every day for homework help and tutoring, to learn about the college application process, and to take workshops on leadership and job skills. I’m excited for the Teen Social Space to open at West End House in Spring 2018!”


“I’m in the Youth Workforce program at West End House, where I participate in career readiness workshops that prepare me for real-world jobs. As part of Youth Workforce, I work in the West End House Kitchen every Friday. We just expanded the Kitchen this September, so now we have more space and a teaching kitchen.

Youth Workforce has taught me a lot of skills I need to be successful in my job. My favorite part of working in the Kitchen is serving the food to other West End House club members. After making our food from scratch each day, I’m happy to see everyone enjoy their meals together!

While I love working in the Kitchen, my favorite program at West End House is Dance. I love practicing choreography with my dance group, and performing in front my community.”


“I love being part of the Dance program at West End House! Earlier this month I performed a dance routine at our Winter Showcase. We learned a dance to the song Santa Clause is Coming to Town.

My favorite part about the West End House Dance program is our teacher, Victoria. Victoria lets us choose which songs we choreograph.I also like the Visual Art room, where I get to work on arts projects with my friends. I can’t wait until the new arts wing and Performing Arts Center opens at West End House next year. That way, I can go to so many arts classes — music, visual arts, and dance — all in one day!”


“I love making origami in the Visual Arts Room. While I love art, the most fun space at West End House is the Education Center. My favorite subject in school is math, and I like going to the ‘Ed Center’ to do math games on the computer and through hands-on activities.

Next year, when the ‘Ed Center’ is renovated with new technology, a STEM Maker’s Space, and a Reading Room, I will spend even more time there. I think the new Maker’s Space will be coolest — I’ll go there all the time to make slime!”