New Year, New West End House – Meet La La

We’re counting down to 2018 by sharing the stories and dreams of a West End House young person each day this week. Read below about La La, a West End House eighth grader who works in the West End House Kitchen. The West End House kitchen served 101,000 meals made from scratch last year, with each meal containing fresh fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.

in her own words:

“I’m in the Youth Workforce program at West End House, where I participate in career readiness workshops that prepare me for real-world jobs. As part of Youth Workforce, I work in the West End House Kitchen every Friday. We just expanded the Kitchen this September, so now we have more space and a teaching kitchen.

Youth Workforce has taught me a lot of skills I need to be successful in my job. My favorite part of working in the Kitchen is serving the food to other West End House club members. After making our food from scratch each day, I’m happy to see everyone enjoy their meals together!

While I love working in the Kitchen, my favorite program at West End House is Dance. I love practicing choreography with my dance group, and performing in front my community.”

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