Meet Portsha

Please join us as we count down to 2024 with inspiring stories from our West End House community. Read on to meet Portsha Franklin, Senior Director of College and Career Pathways.

Portsha and her team provide a high level of support to students in their post-secondary pathways through 1:1 student support and workshops, on campus, virtually, and on-site at West End House’s College and Career Center.

In Portsha’s own words:

“I continue to be inspired by seeing the incredible transformations in our students. It’s inspiring to see them advance through school, get excited about the possibilities after high school, graduate from college, complete career training programs, and then become volunteers, donors, and advocates of West End House. Supporting young people throughout their lives, and especially through their major life transitions is one of the most special parts of my work.

I ground my support to students in love and respect. I share with them a genuine excitement about the future possibilities that exist for them, regardless of their current circumstances. I also find opportunities to deeply connect with them outside of discussing academics and future opportunities, like sharing my appreciation of African-American history and culture, my love of Marvel Comics, and mutual distaste of the Green Line. No matter how I connect with a student, building quality relationships through authentic and genuine interests sets the foundation for a quality and lasting friendship.

We are currently expanding my team’s support to students in middle school to get them excited about future career opportunities where they can see themselves thriving. This includes a new initiative we piloted this summer called The Leadership, Exploration, Adventure Program (LEAP), which is creating greater access and insight into potential career tracks for our young people.

West End House has grown so much in the 8 years that I’ve been on staff. I’m looking forward to 2024!”

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