Meet Jaden

Please join us as we count down to 2024 with inspiring stories from our West End House community. Read on to meet Jaden, who is 16 years old and attends Boston Green Academy. Jaden works as a Peer Leader in the West End House gym.

In Jaden’s own words:

“I’ve been working at the West End House for about two years. It has been a nice journey and I’ve experienced a lot of growth. Being A Peer Leader has helped me a lot. It helped me learn patience because these kids are a lot to manage at time, but seriously, it helped me work well with kids and better understand them and how they think. There is often more to a story than one originally thought. Overall, my experience has been great thanks in part to my great supervisors, Isaiah Moore and Carleen Colin. They have helped me so much and continue to help me grow as a leader.”

Peer Leaders are at the forefront of our work in close partnership with our staff. They help shape experiences, guide peers, and make a positive impact within the West End House community. They are not just assistants; they are role models who make a tangible impact within our community. They are future leaders who are making their mark at the West End House.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year!

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