Meet Emilie

This holiday season, we would like to introduce you to some of the youth of West End House. Each day this week, we will showcase one of our young people and their aspirations for 2017.


img_2352“The New Year is a great opportunity to spend time on projects that you love. Right now I am working on a photography project that features West End House members of all ages. I plan to submit the project to the Boys & Girls Club of America Digital Arts Conference in 2017. If my project is chosen, I may have the opportunity to present my work at the conference in California!

I also look forward to spending time in other program areas like the Education Center for science and computer projects, the Kids in Motion Café for cooking classes, and the visual arts room for classes like painting and ceramics. I like to try as many programs at West End House as I can.”

Emilie is one of the 1,600 youth that West End House positions for success annually. We are proud to support youth like Emilie realize their full potential.