Meet Emerson

This holiday season, we would like to introduce you to some of the youth of West End House. Each day this week, we will showcase one of our young people and their aspirations for 2017.


img_2359“I’m looking forward to the building upgrades that will take place at West End House over the next year, especially the larger computer lab that will make it easier for everyone to learn, a bigger music room, and a larger kitchen and café. I also am looking forward to having a larger space for the media arts program. Right now I’m working on a media arts project with Emily, the Director of Performing Arts, which I’m really excited about. I want to keep it as a surprise for now, but I am very excited to share it with the West End House community next year!”

West End House is embarking on a plan to expand our physical space, including the addition of a 4,000 square foot multipurpose performance arts space and a professional teaching kitchen, as part of our Expect More Campaign.


P.S. Tomorrow, you’ll meet Emerson’s classmate Emilie, who is in the process of completing a media arts project to submit to a national conference.