Meet Carleen

Please join us as we count down to 2024 with inspiring stories from our West End House community. Read on to meet Leadership and Career Development Manager Carleen Colin.

In Carleen’s own words:

“I started my West End House journey as an AmeriCorps Massachusetts Promise Fellow in 2015. In the last 8 years I have watched this organization grow in many different capacities, and in the same breath I have seen myself grow personally and professionally.

One area I am in charge of is the Peer Leader Program, which employs our teen youth. We are teaching teens the fundamentals of entering the work force and helping them hone in on the many skills they will need to succeed post high school graduation. Skills such as communication, teamwork, advocacy, timeliness, and accountability. While we pride ourselves in engaging teens it’s also important to reach out to youth that may not attend West End House frequently or even at all. We use many different forms to recruit youth: word of mouth, school visits, flyers, community partners, and social media to name a few.

One of my current Peer Leaders, Jaden, has been in the program for two years. He has grown in such a spectacular way. This summer he made a compelling pitch for why he should be placed in our gymnasium and included how he could help make programming run smoother—self-advocacy at its finest!”

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