Meet Aleena

You are an important partner in our work to empower young people to meet their full potential. Please join us as we count down to 2024 with inspiring stories from our community. Read on to meet Aleena, one of our outstanding alumni.

Aleena is a West End House alumna who is studying criminology and political science at Howard University (Class of 2024).

In Aleena’s own words:

I started going to the West End House when I was 8 years old. West End House became my home away from home. They pushed me non-stop to dig deeper and search for my true potential as a scholar, friend, mentor, mentee, and human being trying to positively impact the world.

At the West End House, I found my voice, I found friends, and I found lifelong mentors. My mentors tutored me in high school and provided ongoing support through high school graduation and into college.

My decision to attend Howard University, my #1 choice, came after weighing the benefits of the degree against the financial burden. I made the right decision. I love the culture, the people, my courses, and being able to explore my blackness in a space where it isn’t punished, doubted, or shunned. 

Shout out to Portsha Franklin, Senior Director of College and Career Pathways, and the whole West End House team for all their counsel and support, including help with scholarships and recommending me for internships.

West End House is a shoulder to lean on for young people in Boston. The lifelong relationships I developed here made my educational journey possible.”

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